Argentine-British Workshop on Interdisciplinary Medical Science & Technology

An international workshop as a platform to establish interdisciplinary, collaborative activities between the Universidad Nacional de La Plata (UNLP) and the University of Leeds (UoL) at the interface between medicine, physics, computer science, and engineering. This workshop will share academic and scientific experiences and expertise in this area.


Zeike Taylor
Prof. Zeike Taylor

Zeike is Professor from the University of Leeds (UoL), UK. His area of expertise covers medical simulation, computer-assisted interventions, medical image computing, surgical simulation and computational biomechanics.

Talk: Computational modelling and imaging for treatment simulation, planning, and guidance

Our research focuses on development of methodologies and systems for improving the effectiveness of medical treatments and devices. In this context, we create computational tools for simulating treatments, from the behaviour of devices during and following an intervention, to the immediate and long-term mechanical and physiological response of organs and tissues. These models both support and are supported by sophisticated computational imaging and statistical tools, which enable the physics encapsulated in the models to be linked with observations from individuals and populations – that is, we develop both image-based modelling and model-based imaging technologies. In this talk, I will describe: past applications of our developments in interactive surgical simulators and interventional guidance systems, which are underpinned by real-time computation of complex soft tissue motions; emerging areas of development such as in silico clinical trials, which enable evaluation of devices on very large cohorts of virtual patients, and new modelling paradigms that exploit both traditional mechanistic and modern data-driven approaches; and the institutional context for this work in Leeds’ School of Mechanical Engineering and the Institute of Medical & Biological Engineering.

Claudio Verrastro
Ricardo Sánchez-Peña
Alex Frangi
Prof. Alejandro Frangi

Alex is Professor from the University of Leeds (UoL), UK. His area of expertise covers computational medicine with emphasis on computational medical imaging, image-based biomechanics, machine learning, deep learning and big health data analytics.

Talk: Image-based cerebrovascular modeling for advanced diagnosis and interventional planning

Current technological progress in multidimensional and multimodal acquisition of biomedical data enables detailed investigation of the individual health status that should underpin improved patient diagnosis and treatment outcome. However, the abundance of biomedical information has not always been translated directly in improved healthcare. It rather increases the current information deluge and desperately calls for more holistic ways to analyse and assimilate patient data effectively. The Virtual Physiological Human aims at developing the framework and tools that ultimately enable such integrated investigation of the human body and rendering methods for personalized and predictive medicine. This lecture will focus on and illustrate two specific aspects: a) how the integration of biomedical imaging and sensing, signal and image computing and computational physiology are essential components in addressing this personalized, predictive and integrative healthcare challenge, and b) how such principles could be put at work to address specific clinical questions in the cardiovascular domain. Finally, this lecture will also underline the important role of model validation as a key to translational success and how such validations span from technical validation of specific modeling components to clinical assessment of the effectiveness of the proposed tools. To conclude, the talk will outline some areas where current research efforts fall short in the VPH domain and that will possibly receive further investigation in the upcoming years.


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Opening Session
"Pushing the boundaries of (pre)clinical cardiac MR" by Jurgen Schneider
Coffee Break
"Computational modelling and imaging for treatment simulation, planning, and guidance" by Zeike Taylor
"The Positron Emission Tomograph ARPET" by Claudio Verrastro
"The Artifical Pancreas Project in Argentina" by Ricardo Sánchez-Peña
"Image-based cerebrovascular modeling for advanced diagnosis and interventional planning" by Alejandro Frangi

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The Event

The workshop is directed to all people interested in the interdisciplinary between medicine, physics, computer science, and engineering; including students, teachers, academics, researchers, entrepreuners, government authorities and businessmen.


December 03, 2018.


Aula Magna, Facultad de Ciencias Médicas, UNLP. 60 y 120 s/n, La Plata (1900), Bs As, Argentina.


Free event but registration is required. Click here to access registration form.





Organizing Committee

Laura Damonte (IFLP, UNLP-CONICET).

Martín Rabassa (CINIBA, UNLP-CIC).

Carlos M. Muravchik (LEICI, UNLP-CONICET-CIC).

Enzo Rucci (III-LIDI, UNLP-CIC).